Ohio State running back Archie Griffin started four years and never lost to Michigan. How many games combined did those four Wolverine teams lose BEFORE facing Archie and the Buckeyes?

Wolverine supporters site coach Bo Schembechler as the ultimate “Michigan Man.” What is Bo’s hometown?

The Buckeyes’ first win in the series came in 1919 at Ann Arbor’s Ferry Field. Name the OSU All-American who blocked a punt that led to the game-winning touchdown.

Former Michigan coach Gary Moeller was a team captain during his playing days at Ohio State. He was also a member of a national title team with the Buckeyes in what year?

More Michigan coaches have come from Ohio than any other state. How many Wolverine field generals were Buckeyes by birth?

Michigan kicker Mike Lantry is considered the tragic hero of the rivalry due to missed field goals that could’ve changed the outcome in three consecutive years. He was also a military veteran who served in which war?

When his Buckeyes beat Michigan, this OSU coach uttered the immortal phrase “They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else.” The comment launched a tradition that exists to this day. Every Buckeye team member receives a golden pants pendant for a victory over the Wolverines. Name the coach who started it all.

Only one permanent Ohio State coach (not counting one-year interim Luke Fickell) in the past 60 years has posted a losing record against Michigan. Who was he?

What Westlake, Ohio product and Wolverine standout beat the Buckeyes in consecutive years with backbreaking touchdown catches?

The Michigan marching band was the first to perform Script Ohio in what year?

Ohio State’s alma mater, Carmen, Ohio, was written on the train ride home after a loss to Michigan in what year?

What United States president played center for the Wolverines during his college days and went 2-1 against the Buckeyes?

What Ohio native, Michigan defensive back and future Cleveland Brown intercepted a pass in 1971 that blunted the Buckeyes’ final drive and sent Woody Hayes into a tizzy seeking an interference call?

This Ohio native claimed “only the good Ohio kids go to Michigan,” but never beat the Buckeyes in three years as the Wolverines’ starting QB.

In what year did Ohio Senator and future Cleveland Brown Dick Schafrath stone a Wolverine ball carrier at the goal line with just seconds remaining, forcing a fumble that saved a Buckeyes’ victory?

Two Buckeye fullbacks have scored four touchdowns in a game against Michigan. Bob Ferguson was one, name the other.

What Ohio State kicker missed the potential game-winning field goal one year, but made it the very next season to beat the Wolverines?

Which Michigan player destroyed the Buckeyes with his brilliant play on both sides of the ball, leading the Wolverines to a blowout win, and then received a standing ovation from the Ohio Stadium crowd after leaving his final collegiate game?

Which Buckeyes coach was booed off the Ohio Stadium field after losing his first conference game in two years on the job, albeit the regular-season finale to Michigan?

This Buckeyes Hall of Famer was better known for offense than defense, but during a famous 1954 goal-line stand, he made three of four tackles to thwart the Wolverines.

This Michigan-born OSU quarterback beat the Wolverines twice in three tries. Name him.

Leo Hayden and Maurice Hall both scored the game-clinching touchdown against Michigan late in the fourth quarter on the exact same play in the exact same corner of the north end zone at Ohio Stadium — 32 years apart. Name that play.

Michigan recruited this Ohio Mr. Football away from the Buckeyes and watched him intercept three passes in three years and return a punt for a touchdown while never losing to Ohio State. Name that Ohioan.

Which Ohio State star caught eight passes for 104 yards and a touchdown, then recovered an onside kick to clinch a win over the undefeated Wolverines?

Which Buckeye legend ripped off a long touchdown dash as a true freshmen to beat Michigan, but never scored again in the rivalry?

He was better known as a quarterback, defensive back and running back, but what Ohio State player made a field goal during blinding conditions in the Snow Bowl loss to Michigan that was called one of the greatest feats in sports history?

Woody Hayes coached Bo Schembechler at what Mid-American Conference school?

Who is the only Ohio State coach to put 50 points on the board against Michigan, and he did it twice?

What Buckeyes’ defensive back intercepted a pass near the end zone on the final play against Michigan to save the game and a national championship season?

This future Cleveland Brown caught seven passes for 130 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Wolverines to their only victory over Jim Tressel. Who was that receiver?

Michigan spoiled the dedication of Ohio Stadium by ripping the Buckeyes 19-0 in what year?

The Wolverines dedicated Michigan Stadium in style, by shutting out the Buckeyes 21-0 in what year?

This Ohio native flashed star potential as a sophomore at Michigan, but a knee injury curtailed his career. Still, he returned a punt for an 80-yard TD in his final game against the Buckeyes during a 40-0 blowout. Name him.

Michigan has recruited 21 All-Americans from Ohio. This Buckeye native is a member of the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame. Name him.

This Cleveland quarterback revolutionized passing at the college and pro levels, and won Big Ten MVP honors. He’s also in the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame. Who is he?

What Ohio State Heisman winner had a son who also played for the Buckeyes, and intercepted a pass to finish the Wolverines during his last regular-season game in Ann Arbor?

This Ohioan started as a true freshman at Michigan, but later transferred and finished his career by beating the Wolverines. Who was he?

The Buckeyes completed a perfect regular season by blocking a punt and returning it for a TD for the game-winning score in Ann Arbor in what year?

What OSU quarterback and Big Ten MVP was undefeated in three years against the Wolverines, despite playing against unbeaten Michigan teams every season?

What Ohio State linebacker led a goal-line stand as a true freshman at Michigan, and started three of four victories over the Wolverines in his career?